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The Teltek C80 Advanced Checkeigher, a flexible solution for achieving greater production performance

The Teltek C80 checkweigher is designed to prevent over or underfilled packages. This high quality checkweighing solution will fulfil every requirement for your food processing factory, such as increased weight stability and higher accuracy.

The Teltek C80 checkweigher helps to prevent underfilled or overfilled packages. This high-quality checkweighing solution fulfils every need for your food processing facility. Weight stability, accuracy and repeatability are achieved by verifying the individual weight of up to 250 items per minute.


Maximum belt speed: 75 m/min
Belt widths: include 160 mm up to 600mm
Product weights: Between 15g and 30000g 

The checkweighing unit is controlled via a 15" touchscreen display, making it easy for the operators to use. The unit can be connected to filling machines and also integrated with metal detection equipment to provide the ultimate checkweighing solution. One of the main benefits customers have found using our equipment is that they can increase their production performance by using the advanced statistics generated by the checkweigher.

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