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X-Ray Equipment

Foreign body inspection equipment for total health and safety of your products and customers

This high-quality X-Ray inspection equipment is designed and engineered in Germany, ensuring a very reliable build quality and years of hassle-free operation.

Boasting a whole range of sophisticated features, the unit can detect foreign bodies in even the most complex of products.

It's possible that foreign bodies have made their way into your product, whether that's a fragment of glass or stainless steel, it's crucial that they're detected as soon as possible. The Shark X-Ray machine is built to last, providing you with powerful X-Ray inspection of your food products. 


  • User friendly

  • Wide X-Ray Detector Width

  • Low Cost of Ownership

  • 100% Safety

Shark's X-Ray generator was designed with industrial product inspection in mind. These products are in use 24/7, so it's been built to last, giving you years of hassle-free operation compared to the monoblock design generator that competitors use, which suffers from a short lifetime.

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