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Pharmaceutical Checkweigher and Metal Detector

Advanced high speed, high accuracy checkweigher and metal detector - ideal for the Pharma Industry. Incredible performance at half the cost of the competition. Contact us today!

Our powerful checkweighing and metal detection combo meets all of the demanding sensitivity and accuracy requirements of the pharma industry and is almost half the price of the closest competition!

Pharmaceutical Checkweigher and with Shark 2 Metal Detector for high accuracy, high speed applications. This combo is a powerful low cost solution that easily matches the specifications of other manufacturers machines at nearly half the price. This powerful combo easily meets the sensitivities and accuracy requirements whilst enabling our customers to save thousands in purchase and support costs.


The unit has a Shark 2 Metal Detector high frequency sensor detects metal contaminants as low as 0.5mm and is capable of speeds up to 280 Pks/minute whilst weighing to an accuracy of +/-0.1 gram.

The Shark 2 Metal detector is built in Manchester UK from an all stainless steel design. it is designed specifically for the food industry with key features including ease of cleaning and reliability. The machine offers a food quality modular belt driven from a variable speed motor.

The unit can be either Full BRC (Supermarket specification) or Stop On Detect. Various configurations are supplied to suit a customer’s needs.

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