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Checkweighing and Metal Detection

A specialist combination of high-speed checkweighing and highly accurate metal detection

Designed with pharmaceutical and food production applications in mind, our checkweighing and metal detection solutions are fully compliant with all UK food safety regulations, making them the best investment for your pharmaceutical or food business. 

The safety of your customers and products is a high priority and our products reflect that. The checkweighing and metal detection units themselves are built here in the UK and expertly installed by our team of engineers.

Integrating the Teltek C80 checkweigher with the Shark 2 metal detector, this powerful metal detection and checkweighing solution is ideal for your packaging line.

- BRC software 
- Reject confirmation sensor
- Bin open/full sensor
- On/off via switches in settings

The metal detection is mounted on the infeed conveyor of the checkweigher as standard (pictured), although this can be relocated if required. The product is designed to have the flexibility required to meet your needs. 

Using a 15" LED touchscreen display, it's easy to operate the machine and control the checkweighing and metal detection functionalities. The unit is IP65-rated and fabricated using stainless steel and the conveyors themselves require very little maintenance and are driven by brushless DC motors.

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