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What is a checkweigher and why do food manufacturers use them?

If you operate within the food manufacturing industry, you'll understand that a checkweighing solution plays an important role in your quality control process.

Essentially, a checkweigher weighs each of your products in motion as they pass through your conveyor line. The machine will classify, count and reject products that differ from your desired specification, helping you to meet throughput and legal requirements using reliable weight control.

But, why is it that food manufacturers rely so much on a checkweigher?

Increased efficiency

Checkweighers help to improve your equipment effectiveness, monitors weight to reduce wastage, helps to maintain consistent throughput and increases throughput speed.

Weight control

Consistency in the quality of your products is essential in the protection of your brand and also profits. Part of this is knowing that the exact weight of a packaged product being shipped matches the weight on the label. A checkweigher weighs your products whilst in motion, rejecting any products that don't meet your desired specification. You are also able to use a metal detecting unit to check for any foreign objects within your food, then rejecting these items.


Our metal detection and checkweighing combo conforms to BRC (British Retail Consortium) standards, meaning your products and manufacturing processes meet the BRC safety and quality measures.


Designed with user operation in mind, our products limit the need for user-interaction, removing the element of human error. The unit is easily controllable from the 15" LED touchscreen, allowing settings such as on/off, rejection, bin full sensors, piece counting and more.


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